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About Us

TIANJIN COMMERICIAL TRADE AND SERVICE CO., LTD . Is dedicated to cashmere product design, prototype sample,manufacturing,purchasing in China to provide excellent service to the entire client base in cashmere industry worldwide.Founded in 2005,We has delivered more than 2 million pieces of cashmere products to 100 more clients in different countries during the past 14 years.RESPECT, demand satisfaction no matter 10,000 or 50 pcs, order for any single type.MODULAR, select and integrate while making the business easier and more dramatic.CONFIDENTIAL, You will never know whom our clients have provided to.Our knitting factory , has been specialized in cashmere products since 1992 and are located in Tianjin China. we prefer nature material which Are Eco friendly like cotton, wool , silk, linen, mohair, cashmere and so on.Our service , Based on washing, dyeing, spinning, kintting, one stop production services, we provide best services for all of our customers.Minimun quantity , we would like start from small MOQ base on 50 pcs per size , and you can make different colour if we have the stocks yarn to promote future cooperate.

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